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Keeping Fit on a Cruise


What you’ve heard about cruise cuisine is true: it’s delicious, plentiful and available 24 hours a day. However, don’t fear for your waistline. Cruise ships offer lots of active pursuits – much more than the traditional shuffleboard and sunbathing – for passengers of all ages and at all levels of fitness.


Most of today’s larger sea-going cruise ships have well-equipped fitness centers with all the latest equipment. Many offer aerobics and yoga classes at various levels of intensity. On some ships, you can even book an appointment with a personal trainer.


If you would rather get your dose of fitness while enjoying the sun, a dip in the pool or a game of water volleyball can provide a fun, relaxing workout. A walk on deck is a great way to stretch your legs, but if you want to run, some ships are equipped with a jogging track on an upper deck (the view is a bonus), along with treadmills in their exercise centers. There may be batting cages, basketball courts and golf simulators as well.


During a cruise, you can usually find fitness activities off the ship, too. A shore excursion can keep you moving, whether it’s a walking tour of a historic village or an afternoon of scuba diving along a coral reef.


Some ships offer unexpected opportunities to indulge in a favorite sport or try a new one. For example, you can possibly go rock-climbing onboard, go ice skating, or even surfing on a wave simulator.


With all of these options, it’s not difficult to maintain and even improve your level of fitness while on a cruise. If you want a more intensive fitness experience or to get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle, some theme cruises focus specifically on health and how to improve it through exercise and nutrition.


The number and type of fitness activities available varies by cruise line and by ship. Ask Cruise Holidays to help you select a cruise that will balance the delights of the midnight buffet with the health benefits of an active vacation.

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