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Choices for Seeing Europe by Land?


Graced with historical treasures, modern attractions and incredibly diverse landscapes, languages and cultures, Europe is a fabulous destination to explore via land tour. A wide variety of itineraries are available to match your interests and your preferred style of touring.
In general, tours of Europe (and elsewhere in the world) can be divided into two broad categories: escorted tours and independent fly-and-drive tours. What are the differences?
On an escorted tour, you will travel with a group and an experienced tour guide. You’ll have a set itinerary, and the tour guide will arrange for admission to museums, cultural performances and other attractions, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sights and experiences each day brings. As part of a tour group, you often get to bypass long lines and spend more time visiting the actual attraction. Your transportation (which might include travel by air, train, ship or motorcoach), lodgings and most or all meals will be pre-arranged, too. Many, many different itineraries are available. For example, an eight-day whirlwind can take in Amsterdam, Germany’s Rhineland, the Swiss Alps, Paris and London; or, a leisurely 24-day tour of Great Britain can show you cities and countryside from London to the Scottish Highlands to the west of Ireland, and on to Wales and Cornwall.
A fly-and-drive tour provides professional assistance with travel arrangements while allowing you to set your own itinerary. Many people don’t even realize this type of "tour” is an option and wrongly believe they need to set up all of these details on their own. You’ll fly to the European airport of your choice, pick up a vehicle, and travel where you like: perhaps to the Mediterranean Coast of Spain or the diverse seashore-to-mountains landscape of Croatia. This type of tour provides more privacy and independence than an escorted tour: you decide which attractions to visit and for how long. Still, a fly-and-drive tour provides the advantages of a planned (but flexible) itinerary and advance reservations for your lodgings, vehicle and any other transportation you’ll need (perhaps a ride on the Eurostar between London and Paris, or a boat to sail among the Greek Isles).
The best type of tour for you may depend on several factors, including:

  • Budget. With all-inclusive pricing, escorted tours may be more economical, but you may find more value in a fly-and-drive.
  • Experience. If you have been to Europe before, you may know exactly where you want to go. If not, an escorted tour may be a more comfortable introduction to the continent.
  • Companionship. If you don’t have anyone to travel with, an escorted tour provides built-in companions.
  • Pace. Escorted tours tend to move quickly and visit more locations, while fly-and-drive tours tend to visit fewer locations and spend more time in each.

For more considerations and help selecting your ideal European tour, talk with your Cruise Holidays travel expert.


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